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Sports Injury & Pain Clinic

BSc (Hons)

Coxeters House, Tannery Court, Abingdon, Oxford, OX145TS

  • Osteopathy is a manual treatment.


  • There are no restrictions regarding who can see osteopaths, you don't need a GP to send you, and we treat everyone from the young to the old, from office workers to elite athletes.


  • Osteopathy is based on a set of principles which the practitioner applies to help the patient return to health.

Conditions that can be treated include:


  • Back pain


  • Neck pain


  • Shoulder, arm & hand problems


  • Pelvis & hip problems


  • Knee, ankle and foot problems


  • Sports & other injuries


  • Postural issues


  • Arthritis


  • Headaches


  • Tennis and golfers elbow


  • Spinal conditions

massage techniques
  • The title 'Osteopath' is protected by Law.


  • All Osteopaths in the UK are registered and regulated by the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC).


  • Osteopaths are required to hold a valid certificate of professional indemnity insurance. (Balens Ltd)

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