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Sports injury workshop

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Boost your knowledge

Are you a coach, trainer, runner, cyclist or ‘weekend warrior’ questioning how to recognise an injury, what treatment options are available and what can I do to prevent injuries happening in the first instance? Knowledge is power, and that is where Dean Goddard Osteopathy injury workshops are essential.


We are pleased to offer a 1-day, practical and interactive sports injuries workshop, designed to provide you with an understanding of possible causes, teach you how the body reacts to, and deals with the stresses that lead to injury, challenge your beliefs and leave with practical advice to help yourself and your athletes.

This workshop is hosted by Dean Goddard, former principal Osteopath for the Williams F1 racing team and current sports Osteopath for the UK fire service rugby teams. As a lecturer at Abingdon and Whitney college, Dean is passionate and committed through practice and education to help you on your journey in sports injury management.     

Course summary

To expand your understanding of common sporting injuries, and how the mechanism of injury gives us clues to the ‘best practice’ treatment pathways for optimum recovery and return to sport. The knowledge you gain through this workshop will help give you the confidence to signpost yourself, or your players to the most appropriate management options.

  • Identify specific structures of the body that can be injured

  • Areas covered include: Shoulder and elbow, hip, knee, lower limb, ankle and foot.

  • Examine the general principles of injury.

  • Explore the general principles of treatment.

  • Discuss the key elements of injury prevention.

  • Link what you have learnt with some common sports injuries including: Swimmers shoulder, Tennis and Golfers elbow, Runners knee, Achilles tendon pain, shin splints and footballers ankle.

Course details

Courses run throughout the year, please contact us for dates.

  • Venue - VH&F, Langford Lane, Kidlington, OX5 1HT

  • Light refreshments will be provided

  • Reqirements - None

  • Cost £90 per person

  • Certificate of attendance.

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